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I’ve been with Beth for 6 years and she is awesome. Finding this diamond in the rough was a blessing to my family. My daughter was born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs which left her vulnerable to lung disease and infections. Returning to work was difficult to think about let alone having the fear of germs so I chose a home daycare facility as the best option. The moment I walked into Beth’s house I knew she was the one to watch my daughter. She was a straight shooter, which was a breath of fresh air as we talked about my concerns and her honesty about what she could/couldn’t do. The places I visited prior to Beth’s seemed more like puppy mills for babies with pack and plays lined up against the walls and baby gates separating the children by age. Beth’s house looks like she loves kids and her priority is being engaged with the children and not stressing about the carpet, which is why we chose her.

          Beth is down to Earth, funny, caring (but not an over mushy way) smart and totally in tuned with the kids. My first choice would be to stay at home with my children and enjoy the beautiful SD weather with them but I have to work. I’m so thankful they get to spend their childhood with someone as terrific as Beth. She truly is a humble, amazing woman and to find someone who cares about your child as much as you do it truly a gift. Thank you Beth!


Care from 2007 to 2013

My provider was taking an extended vacation when the kids were out of school which was stressing me at work. I was refereed to Beth by a coworker who said that she was extremely dependable and wonderful with her kids. I called Beth who was extremely helpful and guided me through the paperwork process since I was on an assistance program. The month my girls were there was terrific they made great friends, went grocery shopping, visited Balboa Park, the beach and made crafts that will cherished forever. When my regular provider returned we switched back because it was closer to home, but if location wasn’t an issue she would be#1 for sure! Beth interacts with the kids and at the end of the day she looks happily exhausted which is comforting because it’s how I feel on the weekend evening’s hahaha. One last note about Beth, I liked that she stays firm regardless of the situation, when the kids are finished eating they have to take their plates to the sink, and my girls were no exception. It’s easier to do things yourself (I'm guilty of this) than to stay firm with a defiant child and Beth did just that even knowing they were there temporary. It's the little things that count :)


Care in June 2012

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